We design, build and support solutions for clients nationwide.

Water Treatment Facilities

Monitor conducted business and keep track of integrated systems.

Power Plants

Keep track of employees on campus and restrict access to only cleared personnel.

Jails & Sheriff's Departments

Protect your people, maintain order, restrict movement, and keep an eye on the department.

Port Authorities

Keep an eye on operations, control employee access, and maintain 24/7 network access.

Critical Infrastructure

Infrastructure is when the services an organization provides are vital to a State or the nation as a whole. Protecting these organizations involves a range of strategies with the objective of protecting not only the physical ‘infrastructure’ but all of the people and the crucial work they do.

Medium To Large Sized Businesses

Secure your facility, track activities, and establish network infrastructure.


The world of technology is an increasingly ever-changing industry comprising of offering others products and services that bring value. ComTech solutions bridge the gap between quality and convenient security infrastructure, allowing businesses to focus more on what they bring to their customers.

K-12 Systems

Protect the perimeter and control access of visitors within your shool.


Survey campus, grant access to faculty, and maintain your network 24/7.


With the increasing threat of violence and crime in today’s schooling systems, protecting our youth is becoming increasingly more difficult. Working with school boards and principals, ComTech’s Access Control and Surveillance infrastructure helps prevent crime from happening.

Office Buildings

Use our services to build out network infrastructure, ensure the security of professionals, and manage access control among offices, doors, and elevators.


Ensure safety and accountability of guests and employees.


Secure, manage and track employee access and customer engagements.

Housing Complexes

Solutions designed to capture and secure guest entry, resident amenities, and main office buildings.

Commercial Management

Managing several buildings and complexes is difficult. Custom tailored solutions for commercial managers allow various locations to be secure and remotely viewed in real time.

World-Class Solutions For World-Class Organizations

As an industry leader, ComTech takes pride in being able to secure any enterprise level facility or campus. Our engineering team is able to handle any unforeseen circumstance, approaching every situation as unique as your organization.