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Com-Tech helps provide organizations with the technical expertise and knowhow to handle any security issue of tomorrow


Hello, world!

We’re Com-Tech. We have been an industry leader in providing security solutions for over 25 years. We’re one of America’s top integrators and encase a team of lifelong engineers that find purpose in solving tomorrow’s growing security issues.

The Challenge

The demand for physical security services has come from a fringe demand to becoming an absolute necessity. In 2019, deciding to ignore security infrastructure in enterprise and government environments is becoming less and less possible. The likelihood of attacks is growing and not having proper security leaves companies and governments at a great liability. The rising-rate in which threats are progressing presents challenges in implementing solutions that are monitored and managed to ensure the protection of organizations and their people. The challenges of achieving an effective and intuitive security system can stem from a lack of people, expertise, or simply not enough time.

The Solution

Com-Tech has 3 organizational departments that work in sync to provide a holistic solution for those organizations that aim to challenge today’s and tomorrow’s security issues. Our outside plant, inside plant and managed technology departments are able to assess and provide recommendations on nearly any organizational challenge and bring to light any venerabilities that may leave you at risk.

Contact Us

Protecting your organization from threats is our mission. If you are faced with organizational security challenges we would love to sit with and chat about where you’d like to be. To set up a meeting, please contact [email protected] or reach us at (678) 583-4001.