Video Surveillance

Com-Tech offers turnkey comprehensive video surveillance solutions led by the world’s leading technologies. Video solutions offer a cornerstone in detecting organizational security threats.

Combined with various other solutions, your organization can effectively detect, delay, and respond to emergency incidents with speed and confidence.

  • State of the Art IP Cameras

    Com-Tech hold partnerships with leading video camera manufacturers such as Axis Communications and Avigilon. Offering solutions for the most challenging of environments, Com-Tech a wide range of solutions for any organization in all industries. 

  • Video Management Software

    Video Management Software (VMS) is a robust, efficient, and scalable solutions when aiming to view several cameras or several sites. It allows for security operators to easily access, view, and retrieve needed footage. Artificial Intelligence in VMS’s is growing, and Com-Tech is ahead of the curve in implementing this across our customers.

  • Video Walls & Security Operation Centers

    A Video Surveillance system is as good as its ability to relay needed information in an efficient way. Com-Tech offers a range of solutions for Security Operators from view stations to 4k/8k Multi-Display Video Walls.

  • Networking & Storage Systems

    Com-Tech offers a variety of storage solutions from cloud-based storage to in-house multi-week DVR’s. Com-Tech deploys servers, routers, access points, switches and various other IT infrastructure needs for governments and enterprise businesses. With years of technical expertise in the field, Com-Tech can effectively and securely implement infrastructure that ensures the optimal operation of your organization.

  • Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

    Com-Tech is pioneering the field in industry-leading artificial intelligence native applications and overlays that saves time, money, and lives. Effectively detect and alert of crucial events- responding quickly and without human error. Facial recognition overlays  

Access Control

Com-Tech’s Control Access offering provides essential security services such as authorization, identification and authentication, access approval, and accountability.

Combined, these services allow clients to create ideal access solutions to achieve the highest levels of reporting and control. Authentication methods and tokens include passwords, biometric scans, physical keys, electronic devices, and monitoring by operators and automated systems.

  • State of the Art Control Systems

    With ease of integration with existing or new security infrastructure, Com-Tech offers cutting edge control systems such as Hands-Free Access Control and the latest technologies in traditional authentication methods. 

  • Access Control Managers

    Cloud and native application based software aimed at easing burden of managing users and permissions giving operators powerful and unified security solutions. 

  • Scheduled Reporting and On-Demand Queries

    Track and report occupancy, up-time, and employee hours within your organization. Com-Tech’s Access Control Managers offer powerful tools in ensuring your solution is working optimally, 99.99% of the time. 

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems enable organization to make general announcements, allow paging capabilities, and ability to play music. Leveraging technologies of Mass Notification and Active Shooter, occupants across multiple sites can be alerted of an emergency situation and deploy authorities within seconds. 

Com-Tech offers unified Intercom Solutions to address the increasing emergency response needed of today’s security threats. Combining the power of video surveillance and access control, Intercoms are a powerful tool in keeping people alert and guiding them to safety.

  • Unified Intercom Systems

    Com-Tech’s solution portfolio covers every Intercom need, from door intercom systems to complex integrated solutions. Focusing on ease of use, Com-Tech enables organizations to effectively alert and communicate information for operational and emergency purposes.

  • Mass Notification

    Mass Notification prioritizes ease-of-use, allowing users at all levels to quickly and easily send emergency communications through intuitive interfaces. Providing a secure, scalable, and reliable emergency management application, Com-Tech enables enterprises and governmental entities to send notifications to individuals or groups to keep them informed before, during and after critical events.

  • Active Shooter

    In critical situations such as an Active Shooter, speed, simplicity, and reliability matters. With Active Shooter integrations, businesses and governments can detect, delay, and respond swiftly to gunshots. With this, authorities can be alerting within seconds, personnel can be alerted of the location of the incident and redirected to safety.